About Us

Top Phonic Records, founded in 2020 serves as an outlet for musicians and producers despite their musical genre. By offering encouragement and creative freedom it provides a unique platform for its artists to push back musical boundaries.


Since 2020

Top Phonic was founded in order to help musicians reach higher.

No Boundaries

We’re super proud of our diverse preferences. All genres are welcome!


Your music will be available on over 120 digital platforms worldwide.

Our team is driven by your success. Every single day, we’ll support your music and help you to succeed.


What We Can Provide

Top Phonic Records incorporates all aspects of management from Artist & Repertory guidance, Marketing & Publicity, Promotions, Creative Sponsorship Opportunities to Touring and Performance set-up and long-term Artist Development, covering all genres of electronic music.


Who We Represent

The label expressly represents all genres and sub-genres ready to make a big impact in the music world.


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